Boschert Safety Chuck Specialists


Boschert, LLC.

Phone: 251-602-0008
Toll Free (USA): 800-479-0010
Fax: 251-602-6576 or 800-479-3906

Boschert, LLC. started out in 1980 as Boschert, Inc. Over the years with the excellent support of the engineering staff at Boschert GmbH in Germany, and with valuable insight from our customers, we've grown to be one of the most knowledgeable sources for Safety Chucks in North America. Since Safety Chucks are all that we sell, we've become quite knowledgeable about our product, and safety chucks in general.

We stock the first five sizes of Boschert Safety Chucks, and some of Boschert's brakes. Most orders for parts and Safety Chucks, with standard Boschert dimensions, are shipped the same day they are ordered!

Most quotations are tendered the same day the request is received. Because of our vast knowledge of Boschert Safety Chucks, it isn't always necessary to ask the factory in Germany to tender a quote to us, before we quote our customers. This saves time for the customer and allows him to complete that part of the project sooner.

We moved to our present location in July 1998. We have an office with a 3000 square foot warehouse and stock about $200,000.00 in Boschert Safety Chucks and parts. We assemble Safety Chucks in Mobile, Alabama with parts received from the factory in Germany.

PLEASE NOTE: flange chucks on turret/carousel machines MUST have locks.