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What is a Safety Chuck?

It is a quick coupling used in shafted center wind and center unwind applications.

Safety Chucks do three things:

  1. They provide for quick change at the end of a production run (either winding or unwinding). Less down time during turn around, the more cost efficient is your operation.
  2. They provide a means of transmitting torque to the roll you are winding/unwinding. Torque in the form of a drive on the rewind end of the operation and torque from a brake on the unwind side. Click here for further details.
  3. And finally, Safety Chucks provide for concentricity between the centerline, or axis, of the Safety Chuck and the center line of the roll shaft. Less eccentricity between the roll shaft and Safety Chuck means less vibration and wear.

About the Manufacturer
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The Safety Chuck was invented for the textile industry in 1948 by Boschert GmbH in Germany. The inventor called it a "folding bearing" or klapplager. The British were the next to see it. They observed that the locking collar or handwheel closed automatically if the roll rotated. It starts to close from 5 degrees either side of 0 degrees and is closed at 15 degrees either side of 0 degrees. They considered this a safety feature, so they called it a "Safety Chuck". Although it is a coupling and not a true chuck, the name Safety Chuck stuck. Boschert GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of Safety Chucks and is considered as the standard of the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: flange chucks on turret/carousel machines MUST have locks.