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  • Opens and Closes Pneumatically
  • Easy Loading Self-Centering Diamond Shaped Opening
  • Stable Loading Platform
  • Massive Air Cylinders
  • Cannot Open While Running
  • Quick-Change Hardened Replaceable Inserts
  • Available with Proximity Sensors

Product Features

  • Opens and closes pneumatically.
  • Cannot open while running.
  • Fails safe in whatever position it is in at loss of air supply.
  • When open the top element is locked in the housing, providing a stable immovable element on which to load your roll shaft. It does not rock back and forth like a mechanical Safety Chuck.
  • Because the bottom element does not rock back and forth it is easier to automatically load the Safety Chucks.
  • The replaceable insert is a square on 45 degrees, or diamond shape. This design is much easier to load and unload. Easy loading and unloading make this Safety Chuck better able to accommodate automatic loading and unloading. There is more forgiveness with this design for the roll shaft to find the seat and seat itself.
  • Proximity Sensors Available

Product Benefits

  • Massive air cylinders are designed to open and close even if the customer experiences an upset condition which causes his roll shaft to deflect up into the top element.
  • Automation allows the operation to proceed without the worker handling a heavy roll shaft. A safe working environment means less back injuries, less workman’s compensation claims, less law suits, more employee morale and a feeling that “the company cares about me.”
  • Hundreds in service since 1989
  • Remote opening and closing reduces the time a worker has to be in the operating area. This may be a benefit if there are solvents, heat, radiation, or sterile room conditions which prohibit a worker being in such an environment.

FLO - Without drive shaft extension
FLW - With drive shaft extension

STO - Without drive shaft extension
STW - With drive shaft extension

All Sizes Available as STO/FLO (without shaft) or STW/FLW Models (with shaft)
Size Maximum
Square opening
P 40 3520 250 1500 40mm and 1.5”
P 50 6200 800 1500 50mm and 2”

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