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  • Maximum Eccentricity 0.004"
  • Chrome Plated Steel Handwheel
  • Rubber Finger Guard
  • VT Parts Replaceable Insert
  • Hardened to your specification Available Off The Shelf in 50 Rockwell C
  • Tolerance: Specified Dimension -0" + 0.000984"

This Safety Chuck features the patented Replaceable Insert feature by Boschert. With the Replaceable Insert feature the customer can specify a square opening, a triangular shape opening, hex shape, or just about any shape the customer requires.

The advantage of this model Safety Chuck is that it is designed for higher speed applications. Because of the Boschert design Replaceable Insert, this Safety Chuck offers a closer concentricity than the standard mill cut square opening our competitors offer. Closer concentricity means less vibration during the run, and greater life because of less wear, for both the end of your roll shaft and the opening/pocket in the Safety Chuck.

Size Maximum
Square opening
22-30 1760 130 1350 30mm and 1.25"
30-40 3520 250 1350 40mm and 1.5"
40-50 6200 800 1350 50mm and 2"
50-80 15400 1700 1100 80mm and 3.125"
80-120 26450 7300 900 120mm and 4.75"

PLEASE NOTE: flange chucks on turret/carousel machines MUST have locks.

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